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Tasting trip to Naples

One of the ways to better understand a travel destination and immerse oneself in its authenticity is undoubtedly to taste the dishes and products of the area by choosing the most popular restaurants and venues.

Naples, the birthplace of pizza: no dish, in fact, is more emblematic than Pizza Margherita, but equally delicious are:

- Pastiera
- Friarielli
- Babà
- Buffalo Mozzarella
- Struffoli
- Pasta omelette
- Beans and mussels
- Puttanesca
- Neapolitan ragù
- Eggplant Parmesan
- Sfogliatella
- Pasta and potatoes
- Casatiello
- Zucchini alla scapece

There will be plenty more to taste, and don't worry, we will be there to recommend what to try.

Wanda Bed and Breakfast

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