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"Going on foot to Pompeii"

Walking to Pompeii for the people of Naples has always been a gesture of devotion par excellence, carried out in gratitude, on the occasion of graces received, or as an act of penance. This pilgrimage is celebrated annually on the last Saturday of Ma [...]

Combine your passion with travel

The gig tripping has become famous lately thanks to its ability to combine your passion with your journey.
There are endless opportunities that can satisfy your passions in Naples: music, art, cuisine, sports...
If you choose Wanda, we can plan [...]

New possibilities to purchase metro and bus tickets.

It will be easier for those who choose us to buy travel tickets. These will indeed be purchasable at the Punto Lis/Lottomatica circuits (tobacconist network), Drop Point, and Mooney. The ticket consists of a receipt printed on normal thermal paper on [...]

Increase in ticket prices for Line 1 and Line 6.

Traveling on metro Line 1 will cost 1 euro and 50 cents instead of 1 euro and 30 cents. The cost of ANM tickets is increasing, users will have to pay an extra 20 cents. The price increase applies to single tickets, not subscriptions and daily tickets [...]

A pleasant elevator ride to the top of the city

One of the most charming places in Naples is represented by the magnificent viewpoint and gardens that offer a spectacular panoramic view ranging from Capodimonte to Vesuvius, from Sorrento to Capri, from Castel dell'Ovo to Posillipo. The elevator co [...]

Why choose Wanda b&b

Wanda b& b is located inside a courtyard of a historic building, in the heart of Vomero, a very popular area, rich in bars and Neapolitan shopping. The central location is convenient for exploring the city on foot, thanks to the proximity of metr [...]

The best pastry shops in Campania

Also this year, the Gambero Rosso guide has recognized the best pastry shops in Italy. Piedmont, Lombardy and Campania stand out at the top of the list. Iginio Massari confirms himself as the great master with his Three Golden Cakes.


Take the Vomero with the bus.

The V1 bus line will be active again in Vomero from Monday to Friday.
This is the route that will be covered by the line: Piazzale S. Martino (Certosa and Museo di S. Martino) - Via T. Angelini (Castel Sant'Elmo and Museo del Novecento) - Via D'Au [...]


Always remember where you started from. Always remember to believe in yourself. Remember that in life, you can't skip steps, you have to give time to time.⏪️2016⏩️ 2023

6 years of Wanda b&b

Anniversaries always have something special: the memory of an important day. Oh yes, because if you look back you understand how much time has passed since that first day and how many people have made 7 years of Wanda b& b possible.


The variety of gnocchi caters to all tastes, and I believe that those who want to try gnocchi for the first time in Naples will find it the ideal place.
Via Francesco Cilea, 111, Naples, Italy, 80128
The new take-away location has also opened. [...]

Naples Pass

The Naples Pass includes the main attractions, sites and museums of Campania.

Here you will find all the information:


What to see in Piazza Garibaldi

Piazza Garibaldi: A Historic and Bustling Square in NapoliAs one of the busiest and most significant squares in Naples, Piazza Garibaldi is also one of the largest in Europe. It came into existence after the unification of Italy when the new Napoli C [...]

Business Travel

Convenient for those who work in Vomero, relaxing for those who come back from work and want to regenerate themselves with a hot shower and be able to start again for a delicious dinner or aperitif just a few steps away from the property with plenty [...]

The New Murales of Maradona

New tribute to Diego Armando Maradona in the province of Naples. "El Diez" is portrayed together with the historic masseur of Napoli, Salvatore Carmando, in the iconic gesture of kissing before the start of the matches in the blue jersey. The mural i [...]

Giro d'Italia

The 107th edition of the Giro d'Italia will see Naples as the protagonist, with the Campi Flegrei and the beauties of Pompeii as its strong points. The stage in the city is confirmed for the third consecutive year and will take place on May 12, closi [...]



The archaeological park of Pompeii becomes an extended park which includes the archaeological areas of Pompeii, Boscoreale, Oplontis, and Stabia, as well as the surrounding territory. In other words, it w [...]

The new cemetery of the Fontanelle

It's the municipal ossuary. Bacoli will have its own small Fontanelle Cemetery. Here rest over 30, 000 children of our land, but also many English, Americans, Germans, and Chinese. Here are gathered the remains of those who have lived here, from 1700 [...]

Panoramic Bus in Naples

Let's start with the ticket cost: 25 euros per person.There are 2 lines that you can take, line A and line B. Line A is related to the Historic Center of Naples, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and line B offers breathtaking views of the city.I recomme [...]

The 5 best thermal oases in Naples.

With its enchanted nature dotted with marvelous thermal gardens, Ischia stands majestically as the island of spas par excellence. But it's not only its coasts that are enclosed in such beauty: even in the Neapolitan territories and the province, it i [...]

Campania wine travel

Surely among the best wines from Campania, there is Fiano, a white wine made from the eponymous grape variety, which finds its maximum expression in Irpinia.The volcanic lands of the Vesuvius and Naples area are home to grape varieties such as Piedir [...]

What to visit in Vomero

Don't just choose Wanda in the heart of Vomero, but also choose one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in the city. In the image you will find everything that can be seen near Wanda b& b

A single ticket for multiple public services.

The urban rate applies to journeys that start and end within the municipality of Naples. For the single fare rate, there are two tariff levels:- Level 1: applies to journeys on urban lines- Level 2: applies to urban journeys on suburban lines and jou [...]

Naples - Amalfi by boat

Choosing to visit the Amalfi Coast from Naples has several solutions. One of these is a boat excursion.  Here you will find all the information you need:


In Campania, the program of the 12th edition of the FAI Autumn Days, which will take place on the weekend of Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th October, includes over 30 places to visit, offering different routes through history, art and nature that will [...]

Three funiculars near Wanda

Choose Wanda and choose to be close to the three Vomero funiculars, as well as the subway.
- The Central Funicular connects the Vomero district to the historic center of the city.
- The Chiaia funicular connects Via Cimarosa in the Vomero dis [...]

Book the free beach of "Donn'Anna beach

Do you want to have a beach day in Naples? Here is all the information:
Beach located between Palazzo Donn'Anna and Bagno Ideal: daily access is allowed only during the time slot from 08:00 to 17:30, with a maximum of 24 people, of which 12 access [...]

Our official headquarters in Naples.

We are trying to grow and offer our services and passion to as many people as possible who choose to come and see Naples and its surroundings. We want to ensure that those who see our city have a perfect and unforgettable stay, and to do so we have d [...]

The Pumpkin Garden - Pumpkin Patch

The pumpkin garden is a corner of stars and stripes 45 minutes away from Naples.Pick a pumpkin, you can color it, carve it, you can eat first courses, second courses, and pumpkin-based pizza, you can visit the maze in the cornfield...The Pumpkin Gard [...]

In Capodimonte, the Stars.

Friday, September 29, 20236:30 PM - 11:00 PM (last entry) Free Entry - No Reservation Required
Like every last Friday of September, the European Researchers' Night returns with the STREETS project, coordinated by the University of Naples Federico [...]

Travel peacefully and wisely

Nowadays, between fake news or misinformation, we let ourselves be overwhelmed by panic or negative memories that life has made us experience. So, for those who choose Wanda and our city, let's provide a brief summary of what is happening in the Camp [...]

Where to go running in Naples

The city of Naples offers many places where you can go for a run outdoors:
- Virgiliano Park- Capodimonte Woods- Camaldoli Urban Park- Floridiana Park (a 5-minute walk from the bed and breakfast) - Caracciolo Promenade- Pozzuoli Promenade
Naple [...]

Useful apps to save money and speed up at the toll booth.

Not only Telepass and UnipolMove, a new app, Mooney, is added, which will allow you to save on Italian highways and speed up your journey.
MooneyGo was born as a mobility app: in affiliated municipalities, it is used to pay for parking on blue lin [...]

Balloon museum

Balloon Museum is a format created by a curatorial team that designs and sets up contemporary art exhibitions with works that have air as a distinctive element. A journey through oversized installations with unexpected shapes, where interaction with [...]

Among the best bars in Italy

The Red Shrimp has awarded the recognition of three cups and three coffee beans to a unique bar in Naples: Gran Caffè La Caffettiera.
It is located in Piazza dei Martiri, one of the lounges of Naples.
For over 40 years, Gran Caffè La Caffettier [...]

Chocoland is open during the Day of the Dead holiday.

The large pedestrian island of Vomero will once again host the chocoland. The fair of artisanal chocolate will bring life to the Vomero district from 10 am to 10 pm. Admission will be free and if you feel like having chocolate, all you have to do is [...]

The 5 must-have dishes of Neapolitan cuisine.

It is not easy to define the 5 dishes to preserve and try in Naples, but we have tried. To confirm or refute us, choose Wanda and your advice will be valuable for our growth.

Wetaxi is the app that organizes your trips

Thanks to the integration of railway services in the taxi app, users can directly purchase train tickets to any destination they wish to reach on the platform.
This way, it will be possible to organize train travel throughout the peninsula and tax [...]

Aperitif at Vomero

A wonderful place where traditional Neapolitan cuisine meets modern creativity in an original and never predictable way. Using fish instead of meat. A 2 minute walk from our b& b

Good news

Finally, you will have the opportunity to stay in the evening to visit or enjoy a romantic dinner on the waterfront of Naples. Find all the new information in the photo!

NOTICE OF EXTENSIONS!Starting from September 15th, every Friday and Satur [...]


An explosion of colors and fun suitable for the whole family.
The exhibition will be open at the following times:
Tuesday to Friday: 11 am - 7 pm
Saturday: 10 am - 9 pm
Sunday: 11 am - 7 pm
Closed on Mondays
Last entry to the exhibi [...]

Neapolitan pizza makers for a day

Neapolitan Pizzaiolo for a Day is an educational workshop designed to introduce and immerse tourists of all ages visiting Naples in the art of the Neapolitan Pizzaiolo, recognized by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity.An exciting j [...]

Typical Neapolitan first courses

The dishes of Neapolitan tradition are many and all worth trying. Here are some typical dishes from Naples:
The paternity of this fabulous dish is disputed between two cities: Bologna and Naples. Its origins actually date back to ancien [...]


From mid-September to December, the Polibus resumes its operation, which is a free shuttle that accompanies spectators to affiliated theaters in the outskirts. One route starts from the Archaeological Museum with a stop at Medaglie d'Oro Square to re [...]

Info Alibus

Don't want to choose a taxi to go from the airport to the b& b? The alternative will be the fare that will take you to the central station and from there you can take metro 1 which will take you to our b& b. All the info in the photo...

Where to change money in Naples

Some tips from Wanda on where to change your currency

The Open-air Cinema at the Bosco di Capodimonte.

The green area around the art gallery, directed by Sylvain Bellenger, is bringing back outdoor cinema, with four events, two per week, in the last part of September. All screenings will be free of charge. For the programming days, on September 15th a [...]

Don't miss the celebration of the Patron Saint of Naples.

On September 19th, the Feast of San Gennaro is celebrated in Naples. It is a very special day for the city of Naples, marked by an explosion of popular devotion towards the Patron Saint, a fascinating synthesis of tradition and spirituality.
There [...]

Typical Neapolitan appetizers

Experience is what drives thousands of travelers to constantly embark not only on the discovery of new destinations but also and above all to live new and intense experiences.One of these is: "WHEN YOU TRAVEL, EAT LOCAL FOOD"!We will show you in phot [...]

The Museum of Illusions in Naples.

The Museum of Illusions in Naples is a sensory educational and engaging experience: the viewer has fun while learning that vision and, in general, sensory perception can detach from what the human brain understands.
Prices (The products listed bel [...]

Where can I eat a good pizza in Vomero?

For pizza lovers or those tasting Neapolitan pizza for the first time, we provide our suggestions in the image. All just a few steps away from the bed and breakfast.

Travel in ticketless mode

The service is active on the ANM Metro Line 1, at the Centrale and Chiaia Funicular stations, on the EAV railway lines (Naples - Sorrento and Piscinola - Aversa).
OPERATIONIf the payment card has the symbol, the traveler can perform TAP IN and TAP [...]

Aperitivo in Naples

- Piazza Bellini is one of those places in Naples that "never sleeps", in fact at any time of the day there is always a great coming and going of people.
Located near the major decumanus, the square is the crossroads between Port'Alba, via San Seb [...]

How to get to the temple of the Neapolitans.

Are you coming to Naples and want to see the temple of the Neapolitans? The Maradona stadium is only 30 minutes away by public transport from the B& B, and it will be very easy for you to get there with our advice (more detailed at the property) [...]

The funiculars a few steps from us

All public transports lead to Vomero (Funiculars). Here is some useful information:ORARIO | timetablePrima e ultima corsa: ore 7:00 > ore 22:00 | first train 7.00 am - last train 10:00 pm
FREQUENZA CORSE | frequencycorse ogni 10 minuti > > [...]

News on the Naples metro

News on the cost of tickets and on Fridays and Saturdays will extend the service hours until 02:00 Travel with Wanda!

A few steps from public transport

One of the reasons for choosing Wanda b& b is the location. A few steps away as well as two metro stops, even three funiculars. Not to forget that via Luca Giordano is also a shopping street and peaceful walks, where you can eat or drink somethin [...]

The Blue Church

The Church of Santa Maria Maddalena ai Cristallini reopens after 40 years.
The Church of Santa Maria Maddalena ai Cristallini is located on Via Salita di Capodimonte.The church was built in 1851 to be used by the Casa d'Asilo di Santa Maria Maddal [...]

Palazzo Zevallos Stigliano

Splendid art collection where you can find true masterpieces. All of this inside a beautiful palace from the 1930s. The museum setup by architect De Lucchi is also remarkable.
Tickets: 4-7 €
Closed: Monday [...]


A monumental complex hidden in the alleys of the heart of Naples, which is a true discovery, rich in history and works.Built starting from 1279 in Renaissance style, it was rebuilt in Baroque style by Giovanni Cola di Franco, following the damages ca [...]

Chiesa Del Gesù Vecchio

STORY:The church of the old Gesù was completed after the new Gesù, but it is called old because it was the first place where the Jesuits settled before having the seat of the new Gesù, where they are still located today in Naples. The church adds two [...]

Save your energy with Wanda

With Wanda you won't need to bring sheets, towels, shampoo, phone, toilet paper, shower cap...because it's all included in the price. Save your energy to enjoy your vacation in Naples. Choose Wanda, choose relax.

Service transfer with Wanda

Book with Wanda and you won't have to worry about organizing your transfers to get around Campania or to the means that will take you to us and back home. 

Napoli - Sorrento in nave

The average duration of a crossing is 43 minutes. 2 shipping operators - Alilauro and NLG - guarantee a ferry and fast hydrofoil service that makes the journey from Naples to Sorrento a convenient and more sustainable way to travel.
PRICE: €19.20 [...]

Just a few steps away from Wanda b&b.

PRICE:adult tickets 6€, children do not pay up to 12 years old, reduced price up to 21 years old
Castel Sant'Elmo is an architectural gem that dominates the city of Naples. With its imposing ramparts and privileged position on the Vomero hill, it [...]

News about transportation in Naples

FROM SEPTEMBERMetro Line 1Starting from September 15th, the operating hours will be extended until 2:00 am on Fridays and Saturdays. With the introduction of 10 additional trains scheduled for November 2023, it is estimated that the frequency of serv [...]

Villa Pignatelli

Museum House that tells the history of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Sumptuous furnishings. Rooms and objects made of crystal and porcelain that recount the splendors of Neapolitan aristocracy.
The ticket price is only 5 euros (including [...]

Tour with boat in Naples

It will only take you 20 minutes to get to the port and have an unforgettable experience between the Gulf of Naples and the islands (Ischia, Capri, and Procida). Seaside tours are really well-organized and enjoyable. Various packages can be chosen:

Your rental in the structure only with Wanda

We know that when you leave you want to think as little as possible and with Wanda you can do it! Safely rent your car, your moped or your electric bike. Just ask and we will put you in touch with the company that will rent you the car. And if you wa [...]

A green lung near the B&B

Just a few steps away from the B& B, from morning till late afternoon, you can enjoy one of the few green lungs of the city: the Villa Floridiana. It is a large park located in the Vomero area. At the end of it, you can enjoy one of the most beau [...]

Visit one of the most famous streets in Capri

One of Capri's most famous roads, "Via Krupp, " reopens to the world after 9 years. It connects the historic center of the island with the seaside area of Marina Piccola.
The German steel magnate Friedrich Alfred Krupp, who lived in a suite at the [...]

Enjoy an alternative view of Naples from Castel dell'Ovo.

"Beautiful castle on the waterfront of the city of Naples. From there you can admire the fantastic sea and the Parthenopean waterfront.
HOW TO GET THERE:Metro: Municipio, line 1.Bus: lines 140, 154 and C25.
HISTORY:According to legend, Virgil h [...]

Visit Castel Nuovo

PRICE: €6DURATION: 1:30H (The visit can be done with or without a guide) HISTORY:Castel Nuovo, also known as Maschio Angioino, is an imposing fortress in the port area of the city of Naples. Its five towers can be seen from afar. It was built by King [...]

How to get to Miseno from Vomero?

The connection will continue for 3 months, until the next September 10th. There are 6 daily available trips from Vomero, departing from Piazza Muzii, which will reach Miseno up to the Miliscola seafront in Bacoli.
The ticket cost is 3.00 euros if [...]

Museum of Santa Chiara

A very rich museum that exhibits religious works and those related to the Angiò family. This is also a must-see attraction, those who visit Naples should also visit the Santa Chiara museum.
HISTORY:The monumental complex of Santa Chiara was built [...]

Visit the San Carlo Theater

PRICE: €9 to buy the ticket (on site or online). The price includes the person who will be your guide.
HISTORY: The Real Teatro San Carlo, also known as Teatro San Carlo, is the opera house of Naples. It is located on an anonymous street and on Tr [...]

Free beach in Naples

Free beaches in Posillipo, online booking activated: 500 spots available:
- 25 access from Bagno Elena- 25 from Bagno Ideal- 450 from Spiaggia delle Monache 450 access from Bagno Sirena
Just connect to the website spiaggelibere.it to book a spo [...]

A beach between visit and beauty

Rules for accessing the area:
From May 1st to September 30th, access is allowed only by reservation;
It is possible to book only for a specific time slot (morning 9:00-13:00 or afternoon 14:00-18:00), to allow access to a greate [...]

First time in Naples?

There is nothing wrong with asking for information. It is just a pleasure to be able to help you make the most of your visit to our city! Contact us!!!!

Make a perfect suitcase for the sea, mountain or city

- The first week of September is the ideal time period.
- A family of four can spend up to 400 euros less compared to the second week of August.
- Equally important is the choice of the departure day, which should not be random but well conside [...]

9 restaurants with terrace in Naples

If Neapolitan cuisine is an unmissable experience, why not enjoy it from the top of a terrace, perhaps with a view of the sea? The city of Naples extends along the entire coast and embraces the Mediterranean to the islands, a landscape that can be ad [...]

Welcome Summer

The desire for summer is now irresistible and brings with it the desire for relaxation and fun: to fulfill it, there is nothing better than organizing a weekend of enjoyment. 
Contact us privately to get all the information and to give you t [...]

Royal Pontifical Basilica of Saint Francis of Paola

HISTORY: In Piazza Plebiscito stands the Basilica of San Francesco da Paola, an impressive neoclassical temple with a circular plan, it is one of the largest churches in Naples. A church born from a vow. King Ferdinand of Bourbon wanted to build this [...]

National Archaeological Museum of Naples

A temple of ancient art. A huge exhibition with collections that seem endless.
TIP: Go on a weekday at the opening to avoid the crowds of the weekend and to access the entire museum, including the Egyptian section and the one with erotic paintings [...]

Pizza take away

Often we are in a hurry or suddenly crave a slice of pizza, so we thought it could be helpful for you to know where to go for a quick slice of pizza. Just choose us for directions... see you soon!

Palace of Spagnuolo

One of the most beautiful palaces in Naples, located in the Sanità district, the district of Totò. The beautiful palace, located just a few steps from Piazza Cavour, has truly characteristic stair ramps that develop symmetrically in the internal cour [...]


Please be informed that with resolution no. 141 of 08/05/2023, the Municipal Council has approved the new tax rates, valid from July 1, 2023, following the publication of the same resolution on the website www.finanze.gov.it.
Comparison between ol [...]

Jago Museum to Rione Sanità

Opening of the Jago Museum in Sanità, in the church of Sant'Aspreno ai Crociferi that reopens after years. 
The Pietà di Jago was created by the artist in the last year. The life-size marble sculpture represents a modern reinterpretation of [...]

Tasting trip to Naples

One of the ways to better understand a travel destination and immerse oneself in its authenticity is undoubtedly to taste the dishes and products of the area by choosing the most popular restaurants and venues.
Naples, the birthplace of pizza: no [...]

Save on your flight with these additional tips

TRICKS:1. Conduct a search on the airline company's website by switching to the official version of the site (for example, the German version for the German airline).2. Make sure to use a card that is free from foreign transaction fees. [...]

Basilica dell'Incoronata Madre del Buon Consiglio

The basilica of the Incoronata Mother of Good Counsel and Queen of the Catholic Church is one of the basilicas of Naples. It stands in the Capodimonte area and was built based on the model of the basilica of St. Peter in Rome, both in the [...]


The island is beautiful and spring flowers and lemon trees everywhere makes it even more beautiful. It is interesting to discover its history, from the time of the Greek myths, to the Romans, to that of the incursions of the Saracens; from the time o [...]


Nothing is more evocative than entering the depths of this wonderful city, the RISTO - TEATRO MAMMINA, formerly the foyer of the Salone Margherita, located at Via Santa Brigida n° 65, positioned under the mythical Galleria Umberto, will welcome you t [...]

Giro D' Italia

The stage of the Giro d'Italia, often defined as the most beautiful in the world, takes place in Naples every year. You can combine your passion with a stop to visit the beauties of the city. We will be updated to give you the best information to see [...]

Catacombs of San Gennaro

Visit the Catacombs of San Gennaro through the guided tour "The Sacred Mile". At a cost of 17 euros per person, on weekends and holidays, the members of this association accompany tourists to discover the Sanità district. The tour starts from the cat [...]

May of the Monuments

"Napoli at the top" is a narration about the city that explores its diverse aerial dimension. The event offers a calendar of over 80 free-entry events. The theme at the center of the May of Monuments 2023 finds a plurality of original variations with [...]

Museum and Royal Park of Capodimonte

The museum is composed of three floors.
For the park, admission is free and it is open every day including holidays, while for the museum, a ticket must be purchased either on site or online.
The museum closes at 7:30pm and the two hours indica [...]

Do what you love

Even in the darkest times, remember that "sunsets are proof that an ending can be beautiful" and that to visit Naples you don't have to set limits!

An experience absolutely worth trying!

Due to popular demand, the show that has decisively overturned the classical conventions of theatre with its nature of a theatrical 'experience', and not only, returns to Naples in the extraordinary setting of Castel Sant'Elmo, Dignità Autonome di Pr [...]

A few steps away from your relative or friend's wedding!

"Are friends and relatives getting married in Vomero and do you need a place to stay? We are located near these wedding venues:  - D'Angelo  - Le Arcate  - Villa Maria Eventi  - Palazzo Belvedere  - Villa Partenope  - La [...]

How to avoid a scam from portals

To avoid being scammed on portals, there are several precautions that can be taken, here are some:  1) If the apartment is no longer available upon arrival, the owner is required to refund the total amount. (Making mistakes is human, but one sho [...]

Pit Stop with car

Yes, it's true that we are in a pedestrian zone and it can be difficult to stop to let someone out or unload luggage, but afterwards, you can say goodbye to your car and start walking every morning to explore Naples and its surroundings. You just nee [...]

Where to swim in Naples

The waters intended for bathing are:

Nisida, Trentaremi, Marechiaro, Puntanera, Capo Posillipo, Posillipo, Donn'Anna, Via Partenope, with a classification of "excellent",


for the Caracciolo promenade and Nazario Sauro sq [...]


<img src="data:image/jpeg; base64, /9j/4AAQSkZJRgABAQAAyADIAAD/7gAOQWRvYmUAZAAAAAAC/+ENrWh0dHA6Ly9ucy5hZG9iZS5jb20veGFwLzEuMC8APD94cGFja2V0IGJlZ2luPSLvu78iIGlkPSJXNU0wTXBDZWhpSHpyZVN6TlRjemtjOWQiPz4KPHg6eG1wbWV0YSB4bWxuczp4PSJhZG9iZTpuczptZXRhLyIg [...]

An unusual walk

Not everyone knows about this staircase, but just a few steps away from us you can enjoy this pleasant walk that will allow you to see very suggestive views of the city. Comfortable shoes are recommended and it's best to go downhill.

For more [...]

Time to recharge the batteries.

Have you ever returned from vacation and felt more energized and determined to face old and new challenges? Without getting too technical, if you don't know how to recharge or you feel burnt out, we are your solution!

Cancellation policy

We guarantee free cancellation up to 1 week before throughout the year!

Work with our optical fiber!

Today you can take work on vacation and for those who know how to manage their time or for those who work from home allows it, why not take the opportunity to have some fun after work and get to know new cities?
We offer you our fastweb optical fi [...]

Discover his majesty VESUVIUS!

One of the symbols of the city that you can reach in many ways:
- Taxis
- Tramway
- Transfers
- Public transport: from Piazza Garibaldi station take the Circumvesuviana nr 3 with a ticket to Pompeii excavations and there is a bus that goe [...]

Timetables and prices for ferries and hydrofoils

Are you staying with Wanda and want to visit the islands? No problem! 20 minutes and you will be at the port with our information you will have on site!
You must know that there are differences between hydrofoil and ferry:
1) Hydrofoil: faster, [...]

What to visit and what not from the TV series "Mare Fuori"

Many are asking us which are the places from the TV series "Mare Fuori" to visit or which can be visited. So let's give some quick advice for enthusiasts:
- Juvenile Penalty Institute of Naples (to visit the panorama it offers with the transfer).- [...]

Visit Ischia with us

Including Ischia in your itinerary is a must! With Wanda b& b you will have all the information to get there in the cheapest and fastest way possible!20 minutes from the "Molo Beverello" to take the hydrofoil to Ischia! Fast and comfortable!
P [...]

Visit Pozzuoli

The days are getting longer and the heat is once again beating on Naples. We need a place by the sea where we can tan in the morning and educate ourselves in the afternoon: Pozzuoli!
The transfer is the best choice to arrive in this small village [...]

Alternative places to visit in Naples

Have you already been to Naples and visited all the main attractions? Here we report an alternative to visit not only the most particular stairs of Naples, but also the buildings that contain them:

- Lo scalone di  Palazzo Trabucco (M [...]


The best solution to see Posillipo is certainly the transfer, because each place is slightly distant from the other and some involve long descents and ascents.
Below are the best solutions to visit it:1. Transfers2. The City Sightseeing blue route [...]

Tips for a quick lunch or dinner

It's difficult to eat badly in Naples, but recommending the most requested of the moment in Vomero for each type costs us nothing... if you choose us, you will have many other tips to make your trip efficient and perfect!

Tips for a quick lunch or dinner

It's difficult to eat badly in Naples, but recommending the most requested of the moment in Vomero for each type costs us nothing... if you choose us, you will have many other tips to make your trip efficient and perfect!


We always give our possibilities to be able to leave your suitcases after check-out because we understand that very often getting around with your suitcases is not easy at all. Then when you have a late train or flight it becomes even more exhausting [...]


Breakfast is served every morning outside at Bar Santoro, about 30 meters from our Bed and Breakfast.
You can choose between pastries, croissants, brioches, cappuccinos, coffees or juices. (One pasta and one drink per person of your choice)
Yo [...]

Free museums every first Sunday of the month in Campania

Musei in  provincia di Napoli

Palazzo Reale di Napoli – Piazza del Plebiscito, 1 – 80132 Napoli (NA) Museo e Real Bosco di Capodimonte – via Miano – 80131 Napoli (NA) ingressi serali speciali in questo periodoMuseo archeologico nazionale [...]

An enchanting village to discover

On the islet of Magaride it is possible to come across Borgo Marinari, a district linked to the city through a small strip of land, where it is possible to savor the silence and an atmosphere almost suspended in time, far from the frenetic rhythms an [...]

Dream with us...

We think far away, but better anticipate, an event in Piazza del Plebiscito on June 4, when the championship will end, with the participation of Gigi D'Alessio, but there is also the idea of ​​organizing appointments in individual neighborhoods to av [...]

Neapolitan Tavern Shows

The VIC' STREET "between the Sea and Vesuvius was born on 04 October 1999". It is a Historic Entertainment Tavern located in the heart of Naples, in the so-called "Good Lounge" of Chiaja, a few steps from the famous seafront and very close to the Top [...]


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The 5 street art works in the Cumana stations

5 stations that, in addition to art, will also offer you attractions to visit:
Edenlandia --> Amusement park + Bowling + Cinema + Palapartenope
Stadium-Exhibition --> Maradona Stadium + Overseas Exhibition + Federico II Engineering Univer [...]

The 5 most famous streets of Naples

Just follow our instructions that we will give you on site to get to visit the most famous streets of Naples on foot, by metro or by funicular. All this just a few minutes from the b& b!


In the first weekend of March, Saturday in bed and breakfast is free for those who book another day
B& B Day is back on March 4th. For this day, travelers will have the opportunity to stay for free one night in one of the many B& Bs scatte [...]

Parking agreement

The best means of transport to come to Naples is by train.
But for those who choose us and come by car we have managed to find the best solution closest to our b& b:- Small car: (Example: Fiat Panda) €20 for a 24-hour stop- Medium Cars: (model [...]

The ideal moments to book flights

Tuesday the best day, Sunday (and more generally the weekend) the worst. These are the days identified as the most suitable for booking a flight if you are looking for the best price.

The study also evaluated the most suitable time for this ty [...]

Smart TV so you don't miss your TV series on vacation!

Surely after a long walk through the streets of Naples you go back to your room to relax with a shower and enjoy some well-deserved rest on the bed. Why not add an episode of your favorite series and a nice pizza just a few steps from the structure t [...]

Useful tips to reach us from Capodichino airport

Useful tips for those arriving by plane
1. The fastest choice is certainly the taxi/transfer which, with a price of around €25, would take you to your destination.2. The €180 bus is also an alternative, but there are few trips and therefore the wa [...]

From Naples Central Station to Wanda B&B

If possible, buy metro tickets in advance to avoid long queues at the machinesIt is the cheapest solution. Types of ticket (for those who want to take only the bus, the metro and the funiculars of Naples, consider only the "URBANO NAPOLI" price list) [...]

To visit Underground Naples it is advisable to buy tickets online

Excursions in Italian:10.00 – 11.00
12.00 – 13.00
14.00 – 15.0016.00 – 17.00 -18.00 (Thursday at 21.00 by reservation only, reaching a minimum of 10 people) Excursion [...]

What to visit in Amalfi

Amalfi is the perfect destination for seaside holidays, given its splendid golden sandy beaches that plunge into the crystal clear waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea. But you really need to carve out some time to admire its historic center and surroundings [...]

Reservations are required to visit the Sansevero Chapel Museum

In order to protect the artistic heritage of the Sansevero Chapel and guarantee a safe and pleasant visit experience for all visitors, the number of daily entrances allowed to the Museum is limited. Reservations are required to visit the Sansevero Ch [...]

Practical advice to see the excavations of Pompeii

The archaeological site of Pompeii covers about 66 hectares, of which 44 excavated, and allows you to visit about 1500 different buildings brought to light, divided between domus and monuments.
Due to its extension, it is advisable to book a guide [...]

"For You" offer... Visit the Wonders of Naples!

Request availability from our website or by mobile phone, immediately for you a 10% discount for stays longer than 3 nights,
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Offer details:
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Choose your Love Surprise, surprise the person you love

Do you want to surprise your loved one with an unexpected gift? At Wanda b& b you will have many possibilities to dedicate a special moment to your better half, which will remain over time as a unique and indelible memory.
Our love surprises i [...]

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